Why home shopping’s better than shop shopping

For many, many years I had a shop. You may have passed it at the bottom of Ferry Road opposite Leith Library, you may even have dropped in for a browse and a chat.

As the years passed, and the world changed, I began to question the value of maintaining a big physical space. It wasn’t just that it cost a lot of money to run, it just didn’t seem to fit anymore with what my customers needed and wanted.

If I’d sorted folks out with flooring and blinds before, they’d just call me up and ask me to come out to the house to bring some samples and take some measurements. If they popped into the shop, they’d chat about what they needed, take a look at some of the samples on display then ask me when it would be convenient to come round to the house with some more samples and my measuring tape.

I suppose it’s obvious, really. In this business you have to actually see the space. Every home, every office building, every commercial premises is different. They all have nooks and crannies or restrictions of one sort of another so that no two jobs are ever the same.

And then there’s personal taste. How can you pick a carpet without having a sample in the room? How can you choose blinds without actually looking at the windows they’re going to cover?

That’s why Bomar Carpets and Blinds is now completely mobile. We bring the shop straight to your home. With a van jam-packed with carpet, flooring, vinyl and blinds samples, we’ll park right outside and bring everything you need to choose exactly what’s right for you. We’ll also draw on well over 30 years in the business to advise you on the options that are right for you – and take accurate measurements for flooring and blinds that will ensure a perfect fit.

Our consultations are free, too, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

When you’re ready for a bit of home shopping for carpets, flooring, vinyl or blinds just give us a call on 0131 554 4050 or email sales@bomarcarpets.co.uk.

Fit for purpose?

Fitting carpets isn’t an easy business. It’s a skilled job and it takes many years of experience to get really good at it.

If you think about it, in the average week, a carpet fitter will come across all kinds of challenges. They’ll tackle oddly shaped rooms. They’ll encounter bay windows and curious recesses. They’ll take on staircases in everything from stone to wood, with twists and turns and little landings along the way. They’ll do big rooms and small rooms. Upstairs, downstairs and everything in between.

They’ll face stripes and patterns that need to be matched and areas of plain that must look the same. They’ll use glue, nails and grippers to keep carpets down and they’ll skilfully stretch to avoid bumps and lumps.

That’s why we only ever use fitters who are fit for the job. The finest we can find, in fact, many of whom we’ve known for years. They’ll turn up on time, treat your home with care and they’ll make sure that the job is done fit and properly. Briefing your fitter is all part of our service and the fitter’s costs are clearly quoted up front so you can pay them direct.