While people quite rightly take a long time choosing the right carpet, they seldom think too much about what goes underneath.

Yet choosing the right underlay is an important matter and it’s easy to overlook the huge contribution it makes both to all-round comfort and to extending the life of your lovely new carpet.

So what, exactly does underlay do?

Well, it adds a nice, soft layer of cushioning. It’s what gives your carpet a good springy bounce. It adds protection too – reducing the impact of heavy feet on both the top and the underside of the carpet so your carpet lasts longer.

Anything else? Well, yes. It reduces noise levels, soaking up the sounds generated in your home and those of any neighbours below. It’s a layer of insulation too, working alongside your carpet to keep your home nice and cosy.

Like everything, underlay construction has moved along a lot in recent years. You can still buy underlay made of felt or rubber but there are other top-quality options too. We’re always happy to give our expert advice on the best choice both to match the carpet you’re fitting and the room that it’s going in.

We’ve always got samples in the van too and we’ll happily show you the different options when we bring our mobile shop to you!

Needless to say, we’ll be just as accurate when measuring the underlay as we will be for the carpets themselves so you’ll always get the right amount you need for the job in hand.

To book your free consultation just give us a call on 0131 554 4050 or email sales@bomarcarpets.co.uk.

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